For create why not use Model::create(

'property' => property_value


For delete why not use Model::destroy(id) ?

I recently got accepted into a Masters program for Data Science. Unfortunately the universities administration gave me my confirmation too late to apply for funding. Leaving me in a bit of a tuition bind.

Luckily, I was able to use my 13th cheque to fund almost half the amount required. However, this still left the other half needing to be paid.

After researching different funding sites and potential fundraising opportunities it became clear that most of them took a massive percentage of the proceeds (some were taking almost 10%).

This is simply outrageous to me.

I figured since I have…

I used to be all about them business books. A massive believer that the more you read the better you become and all that — reading a book or two a month. Then I realized I was retaining next to nothing.

I changed my strategy to rather understand and retain as opposed to mass amount of quantity. This means I need to be very specific as to what I read. There is less time to waste on books that could be blog posts. Unfortunately most business books I’ve come across fall into this category.

This focused approach lead me to…

I recently ran into an issue where I was getting integer value timestamp data from an API which I simply saved into an integer column of a table.

The client I was working with then decided that they needed to the integer column of timestamps to be converted into human readable DateTime. I needed to do this conversion while preserving the data.

After Googling around for quite some time I finally found an answer that worked which I think is worth sharing.

Shoutout to @ikukevk for the picture

Here are the 5 steps needed:

  1. Create a temp column in the same mysql table with the DateTime

I’ve been a developer for about 2 years now. The funny thing is I have always taken what it means to be a developer for granted. I never sat down and thought to myself a developer is…?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1*ShuzbJqEYs77yJdpilEJCw.jpeg

I pose the following question:

What is the purpose of a developer? -> I encourage you to ponder this a bit

While you’re pondering I’ll give you my thought — well actually the thought of Dan North which I came across in this video.

The purpose of a developer is to create BUSINESS IMPACT.

Hearing this completely blew my mind because I always…

I’m currently working on a Laravel project where our client has decided on using Mailgun to handle emails. This is great considering Laravel has built in functionality that works well with Mailgun and other email providers.

However, as the integration is meant to be generic so that you can plug in multiple email providers you lose certain functionality that may be available in an email provider specific integration.

We really wanted to use Mailgun’s email templates which you don’t seem to be able to use via the usual Laravel email integration unfortunately :(

We thought all hope was lost — Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash


Luckily for us Mailgun-PHP…

Let’s take a closer look at variable naming

I recently got put onto a project with code from another dev house.

The problem I have with the code isn’t the fact that it’s from another dev house. It’s usually got to do with the fact that the processes, testing, variable naming etc… are completely different, or non-existent.

In my case it was quite clear that they had no processes or standards in place. Obviously there were no tests either. Needless to say there have been points where I was completely overwhelmed.

Fortunately I happened upon this talk by Martin Fowler (which I really enjoyed and think is definitely…

I am currently working a on a Laravel project that is using image intervention to handle image resizing.

I was battling with this damn issue of my images resizing and having a black background, as attached as below:

Image auto adding black background

Luckily I ran into this StackOverflow post which explained how to to remove it. Here’s the solution in a nutshell:

  1. Create the image,
  2. Resize it maintaining aspect ratio
  3. Add image on top of a canvas that has a white background where the image is centered.

Here is my implementation of the fix in actual code:

// Create Image
$image = Image::make('path/to/image');

In the latest update of circleCI they have included an interesting inclusion — orbs.

Photo by Wayan Aditya on Unsplash

What is an orb?

The best link I can think of to an orb is an npm package (or library to be more general). You import packages and then the package's functionality is available to you to use in your file (or globally depending on how you’ve installed it).

Why is this useful?

As with importing libraries the usefulness is in reducing the actual lines of code in your file. It also means you don’t have to write out a program yourself and can instead use…

Let’s set the scene…

Head of marketing is experiencing a bug. No one else in our office can reproduce the error. WHAT IS GOING ON!?

All we know is that the page isn’t loading correctly, pictures are broken almost everywhere— it’s absolute chaos. Also it’s occurring sporadically, on a small amount of distinctly different devices and browsers.

Dominic PrawnStar Bauer

Slowly trying to piece the world together one idea at a time :).

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